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searching for their inner eye, vol 3

ok, so i havent updated in a while. ive been busy. i have a baby now. gimme a break.

i know people are probably expecting something baby related, and i do plan to do that at some point... but see, i try to be funny on here, so im going to wait till i have a good funny baby story to give you. right now, the little peepers (get it? little eye? right? eh... right) mostly just eats, sleeps, and poops. and theres nothing funny about that.

in fact, that is the ultimate life. if all i had to do was eat, sleep, and poop, and just cry to have any of it taken care of, id live it right up.

so yea, when theres a good story, i promise to give it. in the mean time, since my mom mentioned it in her post, i figured it was high time to pull out the long awaited volume 3 of "searching for their inner eye". well, maybe not so long awaited. here it is anyway.

goldschlager bong instructions
-i cant imagine them being much more difficult than water bong instructions... replace water with goldschlager. done.

2 foot penis extention
-umm... huh??? NO!!! BAD INTERNET SEARCHER!!! no penis extentions here. no.

"camp gray"
-yea, i dont know either. i dont really even have anything funny to say here. hope whoever it is found and fully enjoyed camp gray. or something. i dont know.

moon shaped rash under eyes
-*sigh*. are people really that afraid of going to a doctor that they look this stuff up on the internet? seriously, doctors dont bite! not ususally anyway. heres an idea if youre worried about bitey doctors. call your doctor, and say "my, what big teeth you have." if the response you get is "the better to eat you with" then hang up and do an internet search instead. if the response is more like "i beg your pardon?" then just make a stinking appointment. get some stinking eye drops. or maybe some make up. or an eye patch. or grab a sandwich board and a bell, some old scraggly clothes and dont bathe for a while, and claim the end times are a comin, proven by the moon sign on your face. just do somethin.

car loan
-the searcher was from russia... searching in english for "car loan"... think about it. ill bet it didnt work out so well.

blood shot eye remedy
-click for remedy

needle guage size to give im shot
-wait, to give what kind of shot? im? can they give aim or yahoo messanger shots now? sounds like a pain in the ass. literally.

-if they werent looking for mr. cold bones then i dont know what the hell they were looking for. better left unsaid.

cigars dipped in whiskey
-havent done that in a while. of course, mostly because i would prefer to drink the whiskey.

what do you call a man with no arms or legs floating in the water?
-bob. or, perhaps, "oh, man, i hope that dude knows how to float on his back... somebody find a lifeguard".

gushers vol 2
-wait, what? man, i dont know. i like gushers. especially orange ones. but i dont know if they qualify as volume two or not. geez i dont have all the answers. just most.

pro skub and anti skub
-got a lot of these. everybody loves skub. or hates it. but not nearly enough of you told me which way you swing on the issue!!!!

the eye reflects
-bing bong! found!!!


Blogger Cold Bones said...

gushers. tee-hee.

3:46 AM  
Blogger The Dung Beetle said...

Congrats on the new family addition!

And farewell to sound sleeping for the next 18-25 years!

Just kidding... It's not that bad...

4:15 PM  

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