so what's the knuckle head currently up to? have a peek after you finish looking around here.


the eye observes vol 5

the day shelob's descendant moved in

this pic is actually from early this summer... ive just been lazy about posting it.

this scary beast lived on our front door/door frame for a few days, and then was gone. people wondered why i didnt kill it (actually, im pretty sure "her", based on her size and considering species - "bold jumping spider") right away, but i knew well that a spider as such would keep the nearby area free of bugs. and orcses (even though orcses doesnt taste very nice at all... precious).

(clicky for the stuff of your future nightmares)

shes looking at you.

then a few days later i found her dead, inside my house, on the carpet. i think one of the cats got to her.

now the orcses are taking over. oh well.


Blogger Cold Bones said...

funny. i just watched return of the king on saturday - extended edition, of course.

1:08 PM  

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